Emily Blunt’s acting skills shocked husband John Krasinski


Emily Blunt’s acting ability stunned her husband John Krasinski when he directed her in his new film.

The couple star together in A Quiet Place, a horror movie centering on a family of four who are forced to live in silence in order to hide from vicious creatures who hunt by sound, a movie John also co-wrote and produced.

At the film’s London premiere on Thursday (05Apr18), the 38-year-old actor confessed that although he was a fan of his wife’s films, he never fully understood her talents until he saw her on set.

“I get to distance myself from my wife and just see all the performance that Emily Blunt can deliver,” he told WENN/Cover Media. “I remember (Mary Poppins Returns director) Rob Marshall saying, ‘You’ll see how good she is,’ and I said, ‘No, I know how good she is,’ and he said, ‘No you don’t, not until you’re in the room and she does what she does will you understand why she’s so good,’ and it’s so true.”

The star added that he found making a film with his spouse frustrating at times as, “right after doing this incredible performance and you say cut and she says, ‘What’s for lunch?'”

There was a family feel on the set of the movie as Emily and John took child stars Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe under their wing.

Praising how the couple had treated him while making the film, Noah said: “They’re the loveliest people and they taught me so many things and also invited me into their personal life and let me come to their house and it felt like a surrogate family.”

Emily, 35, who has young daughters Hazel, four, and 22-month-old Violet with John, explained that family was A Quiet Place’s big theme, and explained: “Ultimately this is his metaphor for parenthood and the dread we all have anyway of sending your kids out to a fragile world full of dark places, and it’s sort of a magnified version.”

A Quiet Place is in cinemas now.