Emily Ratajkowski ‘gets mad’ when people assume she’s stupid


Emily Ratajkowski is offended when people assume she’s unintelligent because of her modelling work.

The 26-year-old model and actress shot to fame after appearing in Robin Thicke’s controversial Blurred Lines music video, and has gone on to walk the runway and front campaigns for many top designer labels. However, Emily wishes that people wouldn’t be so quick to judge her and other models based on their careers.

“Maybe the first 10 profiles ever written about me were like, ‘I met her and she knew about politics and had read a book before.’ It’s like, ‘Damn, what did you expect? Why did you chalk me up to so little initially?'” she lamented in an interview with USA Today. “There was definitely a period where it made me feel bad about myself, as crazy as that sounds, and it made me kind of mad. But I’m able to laugh about it now…”

Emily has made a name for herself in Hollywood after appearing in films including Gone Girl and We Are Your Friends. Her latest role sees her playing the beautiful Mallory in Amy Schumer’s upcoming comedy I Feel Pretty, and though Emily, who regularly posts scantily-clad selfies on social media, seems to exude body confidence, she admitted she relates to her character’s secret insecurities.

“Truth is, we’re all completely struggling with our self-image and worrying about what people think of us. Every day is a different day for me,” she admitted. “Some days, it’s like ‘I am the absolute best; I cannot believe I exist on this planet.’ Then other days, you really don’t want to leave the house.”

The American beauty went on to explain that she intended to keep her recent wedding to Sebastian Bear-McClard private, but eventually decided to announce the news via Instagram before the press could “say whatever they wanted to say about it”.

Emily has also denied rumours that she is expecting her first child.