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Emma Stone struggled to find a stage name

The Help star adopted a pseudonym at random when she broke into the industry after realising Emily Stone was already registered with the Screen Actors Guild.

However, while shooting a guest spot on popular U.S. TV show Malcolm in the Middle, the 23 year old knew she had to make a change after repeatedly ignoring staffers who were trying to address her.

She tells Interview magazine, “I was 16 at the time, and I hadn’t done anything yet, so I was like, ‘I can be whatever I want to be. What name do I want to have?’

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“So I went though a list of names and picked Riley. But then I had an identity crisis pretty much right after because I had a guest part on Malcolm in the Middle and everyone kept on yelling, ‘Riley!’ and I didn’t know who they were talking to. So I had to change my professional name to Emma, which my mum always called me.”

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