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Emma Thompson wants awards season change

Emma Thompson is adamant diversity in films would be improved if Hollywood executives spent money on writers rather than endless awards ceremonies.
The British actress, who was last on the awards circuit in 2013 for Saving Mr. Banks, fears endless ceremonies drive “everybody insane” because the season, which officially runs from October to February, goes on far too long.
She is convinced the millions of dollars used to host the awards shows would better spent in the screenwriting stages as that would help tackle the issue of diversity, which gained momentum following the lack of black or minority actors in the 2016 Academy Award nominations.
“You want your diversity?” she tells Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper. “Then use the millions being spent on these s**ding ceremonies and pay a few writers to write some great stories. That’s my advice… Now, how much trouble am I going to get in for that?”
She wants the number of awards show to be cut back because the “industrialisation” of the season and the relentless red carpet events nominees must attend have sapped the joy out of the honour of being nominated.
She adds, “There’s just too many of them (awards ceremonies) and everybody’s expected to show up, and it’s all to do with making the film work, and it has just been industrialised… What we need is to change the industrialisation of the awards season, which goes on for four-and-a-half months – or longer – and drives everybody insane…
“We really do need to do something about that. There are too many awards ceremonies; all sort of tied up with too much money. They’re using actors in ways that I think are not healthy at all… A lot of us feel the same way.”
The two-time Oscar winner says all the awards season entails is “just trawling up and down red carpets till we’re blue in the b**ody face” and the circuit is “starting to make us look idiotic”.
The film awards season ends after the Academy Awards on Sunday (28Feb16).

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