Emma Watson: ‘I’m passionate about my private identity’


Emma Watson keeps her private life out of the spotlight so she’s believable in film roles.

The English actress was catapulted to stardom as a child when she was cast as witch Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies.

She says her life since then has been “a fantasy story in itself”, but the 27-year-old does everything she can to keep certain aspects of it out of the spotlight.

“So the story of my life has been of public interest, which is why I’ve been so passionate about having a private identity,” Emma told Jessica Chastain for Interview Magazine. “When I step into a character, people have to be able to suspend their disbelief; they have to be able to divorce me from that girl. And not having everyone know every single intimate detail of my entire life is part of me trying to protect my ability to do my job well.”

While she’s been successful in keeping her private life to herself, as a celebrity Emma can find herself the subject of backlash, like when critics questioned her feminist credentials after she bared her chest for a Vanity Fair photoshoot earlier this year (17).

When Jessica asked the Beauty and the Beast actress if she feels like she has the freedom to make mistakes, Emma admitted it can be tricky to slip up in the public eye.

“I know that I’m under a different microscope, a certain level of scrutiny, which I find really hard at times,” she sighed.

“And sometimes the fear of doing things is overwhelming. I get incredibly overwhelmed, and sometimes feel hemmed in by that, afraid of that. But I know that if I live in that fear, then my life as an artist, as a human being, really, is over. Ultimately, it will silence me, and it will silence what is in me – which I have yet to explore and uncover.”

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