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Emmy Rossum donated wedding blooms to New York hospital

Actress Emmy Rossum has donated the flowers from her weekend wedding to patients at New York City’s Mount Sinai Hospital.
The new bride exchanged vows with Mr. Robot creator, Sam Esmail, at Central Synagogue in New York on Sunday (28May17), and the nuptials were awash with beautiful bouquets and an elegant cream rose-studded archway, under which the couple became husband and wife.
And rather than let all the blooms supplied by floral company Repeat Roses go to waste, generous Emmy decided to repurpose them to brighten up the lives of hospital patients nearby.
The actress has shared the process of transforming the bouquets into smaller arrangements on Instagram.
One of the photos she posted features one arrangement next to the hospital’s bulletin board with the caption, “@repeatroses brought these and many more to Mount Sinai hospital.”
And it’s something the florists do regularly, with the new Mrs. Esmail adding: “@repeatroses repurposes flowers from weddings and events so they don’t go to waste.”
The actress also posted a close-up of the flowers around the synagogue on her wedding day.

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