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‘Entourage’ Recap, Ep. 11: “Play’n with Fire”

[IMG:L]10:03 (or 3:42 a.m. Entourage time): Turtle’s mission, should he choose to accept: Keep Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s late-night booty call a secret from the guys. Just his luck!

10:06: Vince is shooting a huge scene on the set of Smokejumpers, but the director, Verner (Stellan Skarsgard), is already grimacing during the first take.

10:08: Three-plus hours and 50-plus takes later, Verner is still not getting the “PASSION” he “NEEDS!” Which sets off Vince, which sets off Verner, which leads to Verner firing Vince.

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10:11: Andrew Klein (Gary Cole) is being welcomed into the Miller-Gold Agency (and customarily insulting Lloyd’s sexuality), when word spreads of Vince being replaced by Josh Hartnett. Red alert!

10:12: Jamie-Lynn and Turtle go for a little post-sex jambalaya. Refreshingly, Turtle is just as surprised as we are (and as he should be) by Jamie-Lynn’s attraction to him. Then again, lest we forgot, attraction isn’t exclusively physical when it comes to works of fiction.

10:14: The cavalry has arrived on the Smokejumpers set in the form of Ari (via Jerry Bruckheimer’s chopper) to smooth things over. Or as Ari puts it: “The Jew has arrived, and he doesn’t like Germans.”

10:16: Ari calls on Dana Gordon (Constance Zimmer) to turn and the tables and fire Verner.

10:19: Wow, Kevin Smith must’ve really pissed off Doug Ellin at some point pre-Entourage, because the Zack and Miri Make a Porno director has received a few not-so-complimentary shout-outs during the show’s run, including tonight’s jab about his weight and position on the Hollywood totem pole.

10:22: It’s an Entourage episode to remember, as we finally learn Turtle’s name: Sal. Quite possibly the most appropriate character name ever!

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10:23: Eric calls Verner a “jerkoff” — which I’m pretty sure marks his 1,000th utterance of the word.

10:24: Cameo of the night: Peter Berg.

10:25: Verner ends a somewhat diplomatic meeting with Vince, E, Ari and Dana Gordon by going crazy and running (literally) to John Ellis, the chairman of the studio, to plead his case. After some deliberation, Ellis shuts down production on Smokejumpers, basically screwing everyone …

10:27: … Except Turtle! He’s on his way to Sea World with Jamie-Lynn, when, for once, he gets the episode-ending ‘Oh, sh*t’ phone call.

10:30: Previews for next week: It’s the season finale, and, pretty much jobless all around, the boys head back to NYC. Gus Van Sant will appear in the episode at least by name (perfect timing with Milk coming out in real life a week later), which somehow ties in to a massive blowout between E and Vince. Could Vince finally fire E as his manager, forcing them to go their separate ways for good?!

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