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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 46 “Sorry, Harvey”

Eric has got to tell Harvey the distribution deal is off in order to see what Cannes has in store for Medellin. Ari is flipping out, calling E frantically. Eric finally picks up, “Can’t you wait for a callback?” Ari quips, “As the French say, ‘No, I f**king canNOT.’” Seems Harvey thinks they are all traveling to Cannes together. Eric assures Ari he will tell Harvey later that night at dinner. Ari laughs. He thinks Harvey will chew Eric up and spit him out.

Meanwhile, Ari has to pick up the latest script from M. Night Shyamalan personally, meeting the writer/director on the set of an Amex commercial—in a cemetery. The only stipulation is the eccentric Shyamalan insists Ari read the ultra-secret 200-page script that night so he can quiz Ari about it the next morning.

But Ari has dinner plans with his wife and her friends. No matter. He ends up hurrying them through dinner, which only pisses Mrs. Gold off. To make matters worse, as they are driving back home, they realize the restaurant’s valet brought them the wrong car because Ari’s briefcase is missing—and there are sex toys in the trunk. They have to go back to the restaurant, only to find out the other guy has already taken Ari’s car. Ari uses the car’s navigation to find out the owner lives in Oxnard, about 50 miles away. It’s gonna be a long night. He gets there, letting the wife know her husband was in L.A. all night. She apparently had no idea. The guy finally pulls up, with the wife screaming her head off at him. As Ari grabs the keys to HIS car, he tells the guy, “Deny until you die.” 

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Ari speeds off, only to get pulled over by police. He spends the night in jail, where he reads Shyamalan’s script. He comes into the office the next morning, totally disheveled but ready to discuss the script. Shyamalan tells Ari he tried to call him last night to tell him the third act sucked. He rewrote it and wants Ari to read it again, from the beginning. Right there, while he waits.

Meanwhile, Drama is taking the mayor of Beverly Hills out so he can get his condo annexed into the 90210 area code. Vince goes with them to sweeten the deal. Drama even offers his bro’s services as a pimp for the mayor, who’s a little lonely. At the club, they find a chick for the mayor, but the girl turns out to be a transvestite. Oops. The guys think Drama should tell the mayor the truth, even though he doesn’t want to. But he does. Luckily, the mayor doesn’t care, he’s just happy to have the company. Ah, the area code is in the bag. Or is it?

Then there’s dinner with Harvey. The man seems more on the edge than usual, even though he admits he isn’t suppose to get too upset anymore because his blood pressure is through the roof. He reminds E about how mad he was when he got screwed at Sundance and if that ever happens again, he won’t be so nice. He might even have to kill someone. Yeah, Eric is not about to do this alone. He calls Vince to come over to help him. But Harvey grabs the phone and says they will meet Vince and the guys at the club.

Eric finally admits to the boys he’s scared of Harvey, so Vince says he’ll tell Harvey. But Harvey throws a tantrum over a miscommunication and Vince decides now is definitely not the right time. But as Harvey is being dragged kicking and screaming out of the club, Drama is the one to drop the news they aren’t selling Harvey the movie. Harvey goes into ballistic mode, screaming invectives and serious threats.

The next morning, the boys are enjoying a hearty breakfast, laughing at the previous night’s madness. Drama is feeling confident about his new address—until Turtle discovers an Internet video, showing the mayor getting into the car with the trannie, with her, er, HIS nether regions exposed. Sorry, Drama.

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