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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 49 “The Day F**kers”

The guys are sitting around in a restaurant, eating breakfast and ogling the waitress, who seems to be checking out Eric. Drama thinks E should go for it, but Eric politely refuses. Turns out Eric doesn’t really like a one-night stands because he thinks they are mean. Of course, the boys tease him, especially Drama, who points out E’s gets emotionally attached to every girl he sleeps with. “You can’t blame him for missing the splurt gene,” Drama quips. Vince understands his best bud, but Drama thinks Eric is so much of a wimp he bets $5,000 that Turtle can score with a girl before Eric by the end of the day. E hates being called a chicken, so he relinquishes, backed by Vince. Now, they have to go find the girls. 

Using Craig’s List, Drama finds a few unsuitable candidates, but Turtle finds a promising one: a woman who likes short, cuddly teddy bear-types to fulfill her every fantasy. Turtle gives her a ring and they set up a meet and greet. Meanwhile, Eric and Vincent are hanging poolside at a swanky hotel, chatting up two hot Brits in L.A. on vacation. One takes off with Vincent and the other stays with the “shy” Eric.

Turtle meets his suprisingly hot companion, who gives him a dry cleaning ticket to pick something up and tells him to show up at her place, 9:00 p.m. sharp. Meanwhile, Eric is having a sort of awkward time with the Brit–when Sloan shows up. More awkwardness abounds, and Sloan walks away. “Why did you guys break up?,” the British girl asks. “Because I’m an idiot,” Eric replies. Actually, they broke up because E went to Italy for three months after six months on Medellin.

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Turns out Turtle is picking up a giant pink bunny costume at the dry cleaners. WTF? Drama explains the Internet babe is a “furry,” meaning she is into having sex with giant stuffed animals. Turtle is growing more skeptical as the evening approaches, especially after he tries on the bunny suit. Eric and Vince come home just in time to witness Turtle as a bunny, but Eric is now all verklempt over seeing Sloan. He wants to call her instead of hooking up with the Brit—and thus forfeits the bet. Turtle is relieved. But wait…Eric talks to Sloan and finds out she’s met someone else. E’s bummed, so he goes back to the hotel to see if he can still hit up on the Brit. The bet is back on. Drama tells Turtle to grab the bunny suit and get a move on.

Meanwhile, Ari is still trying find a private school for his son, but the a**hole running his daughter’s school, Preston, is blocking his way. So now Ari and the wife are checking out public schools. It’s a disaster zone, kids running around amuck. “This is what inmates do before they rush the guards,” Ari laments. He decides to take matters into his own hands and hires a private eye to dig up dirt on Preston.

But the private eye can’t find any dirt on the school administrator. The guy is as clean as a whistle. Ari goes home and decides it doesn’t matter what school Jonah goes to, Ari will make the family home life better. Dinner together every night, read to the kids, no TV. But when his adorable son looks at his dad and asks if he can go to the swanky private school with his friend ‘cause he really wants to, Ari melts. He goes to see Preston at his home and begs for a spot. He even sheds a tear–and it works. Of course, Preston asks if HIS son could get a desk job at the agency. Tit for tat.

Later, while Eric is scoring with the Brit, Drama and Turtle pull up the bunny chick’s house. “I feel like I’m dropping my kid off for trick or treating,” Drama says. But Turtle can’t go through with it. It’s too weird. Exasperated, Drama grabs the costume and goes in his place. If he’s dropping $5K, he might as well get laid for it. Waiting in the car, Turtle decides to go check out the scene—and it’s a doozy: Drama in the bunny suit going at it with the chick, who is wearing a cat suit. Different strokes, I suppose.

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