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‘Entourage’ Season Four: Ep. 51 “The Young and the Stoned”

Vince, Turtle and Drama are chilling in the new house Vince is renting—a mansion, actually—and Eric, who is a little worried Vince won’t be able to afford the new digs, is driving around trying to find it. While getting directions from Turtle, E gets rear ended by Anna Faris. She’s very apologetic but can’t get out of the car because she’s only wearing a towel. She forgot to bring a change of clothes after her Pilates class and didn’t want to put on her sweaty things after her shower. To top it off, she also doesn’t have her wallet. In other words, she’s a mess, but she tries to break the tension by telling E his fly is down—and then gives him her phone number. Eric thinks she’s pretty darn cute. Uh-oh.

Eric finally finds the mansion. He tells the guys the story and admits he and Anna had a “moment.” Drama doesn’t think Eric could close on an actress of Anna’s caliber, but Eric thinks he’s wrong. He tries to call her, but she has given him the wrong number. So, Eric tracks her down at her house. She continues to be all discombobulated, but the chemistry between them is still clicking. They exchange insurance cards but her car is a little more messed up. He offers her a ride to her casting meeting and along the way discovers she’s reading for a part in a script Eric passed on for Vince. He tells her he thinks the movie’s going to be pretty lame. She thanks him for his honesty.

Meanwhile, Vince and his bro are hanging out alone while Turtle goes grocery shopping. Since the cable hasn’t been hooked up yet on the TV, they just sit there looking at each other. Talk about an awkward pause. To break the tension, they decide not to wait for Turtle’s return to light up a doobie, made from an excellent batch of his weed. But they can’t find it. Calling Turtle, they find out he took the totally awesome pot with him because he knew they wouldn’t wait for him. Turtle picks up some chicks to join the party. That can’t be a bad thing, right?

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Um, but it can. In the car, the girls are trying coax some of the legendary weed from Turtle, but he emphatically keeps it at bay–and accidentally runs a stop sign. A cop is right there to catch him and pulls him over. Of course, he can smell the weed in the car. He makes Turtle get out of the car and drop the pot in the sewer. But as soon as the cop drives away, he goes and gets it from the ledge he put it on. Crisis avoided.

At the Ari Gold household, Ari’s wife has been asked to reprise her role for a Young and the Restless reunion. That’s right: Kendall Scott, the town slut is back! But Ari isn’t too keen on the idea, especially when he finds out she is going to have to kiss some Latin hunk. He can’t stand the fact another man’s lips will be kissing his wife’s. Obsessive much, Ari? He asks her to not do the part, pleading, “We agreed to suffer through monogamy together, please don’t do this!” She thinks he’s a total idiot.

So, what does the hyperkinetic agent do? He approaches the actor she’s suppose to kiss–let’s call him Julio—and basically threatens the guy. He’ll ruin his career if he goes through with the scene. Julio is obviously freaked and agrees. As they are shooting the scene, Julio doesn’t do the kiss. Mrs. Gold finds out what Ari has done, and she kisses Julio just to spite her husband. Later that night, she’s still steamed and demands an apology. “Your Latin joy ride means I never have to say I’m sorry,” Ari quips. She’s been offered a full-time gig, but all she really wants is for Ari to tell her she’s sexy enough to do the show. He acquiesces–and they have hot “Julio” sex.

Meanwhile, the boys are smoking it up with the girls when Eric gets a call from Anna. She wants to have dinner with him. At first, he thinks it’s a date but she is really looking for a manager since the advice he gave her paid off. He shows up back at the mansion to tell the guys about the offer—but Vince doesn’t look too happy to be sharing Eric. Could Vince show a jealous streak?

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