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Erin Moran autopsy results confirm cancer as sole cause of death

Medical examiners have ruled actress Erin Moran’s death was linked to her stage 4 cancer battle.
The 56-year-old Happy Days star died at her home in Indiana on 22 April (17), and according to a final autopsy report from the Harrison County Coroner’s office, her passing was triggered by her battle with squamous cell carcinoma.
TMZ reports the official documents state “no illegal narcotics were involved in her death”, confirming her husband Steven Fleischmann’s account of her demise, which he detailed in an open letter published on Facebook days after she passed away.
In the heartbreaking social media note, he revealed his wife was diagnosed with cancer in December (16) and the disease advanced quickly.
“It got so bad so fast,” he shared, explaining the actress was kept alive via a feeding tube, but remained “happy”.
Steve, who wed Erin in 1993, went on to reveal he was right by her side when she passed on.
“She was there watching TV in bed,” he wrote. “I laid down next to her held her right hand in my left. I feel asleep woke up about a hour later still holding her hand and she was gone, she was just gone (sic).”
The toxicology results published in Moran’s final autopsy report further discount rescinded claims made by her Happy Days co-star Scott Baio, who received backlash after insensitively suggesting addiction issues led to his former castmate’s death, while he was being interviewed just two days after she died.
Baio subsequently apologised for the comments and took part in grieving his TV girlfriend’s passing with other Happy Days castmates such as Ron Howard, Cathy Silvers, Marion Ross, Anson Williams, and Don Most at a memorial service for Erin earlier this month (May17).

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