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Ethan Embry reveals past addiction to heroin and opioids

Actor Ethan Embry has revealed he struggled with an addiction to opioids and black tar heroin for a couple of years.
The Empire Records star opened up about his substance abuse battles in a series of messages on Twitter after hearing news U.S. Attorney General Jefferson Sessions is planning to to reinstate harsher prison sentences for drug offenders.
In his posts, Embry slams Sessions for treating addiction like a crime and not a health crisis.
“Opiate OD (overdose) is the leading cause of preventable death in America at 50k last year alone,” he writes. “It’s a health crises (sic) not a criminal one Mr Sessions.”
“I believe the first step to combatting (sic) the opiate crises (sic) is dismantling the stigma attached to addiction,” he adds.
And his pleas turn personal as he details his own addictions and subsequent road to sobriety.
“I was stuck in a cycle of running through a subutex (painkiller) script and smoking (black) tar (heroin) for about two straight years,” he continues. “6 years ago today I started my kick (to get sober).”
“If you are strung out on opiates and want to stop-but the fear of the kick is keeping you from it-I won’t lie it f**king sucks,” he adds.
“Life won’t get any easier for us when we sober up. But I do promise you’ll be better at dealing with what comes at you clean,” he concludes.

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