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Europe drummer mourns the death of his son

Longtime Europe drummer Ian Haugland is mourning the death of his 28-year-old son.
The Final Countdown rocker shared the sad news on his Facebook page, but didn’t go into details about his son Simon’s passing.
“It’s impossible for me to understand and to grasp the cold fact that I’ll never again see his glowing warm eyes, never hear his cheerful chuckles, like when I told him one of my bad jokes that only him and me were deranged enough to find amusing,” the drummer writes. “But hardest of all is to realize that I will never again hear him say, ‘I love you, dad!’
“Right now I feel like I’m drifting in a boat on an endless cold black ocean, just holding on not to get draged (sic) down into the deep. Still, I feel lucky to have friends and family to share my grief with. But, most of all, I’m truly blessed to have my wonderful wife Marie Haugland that understand me and lifts me up through this emotional roller coaster (sic). She is the lighthouse that I’m navigering (sic) by on this vast sea of sadness… and also Simon’s words that echo from far beyond the horizon: ‘It will all be okay, because you know I’ll always love you, dad!’ Until we meet again, rest in peace, Simon, my son.”

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