Evangeline Lilly won’t be pushing for a solo Wasp film


Evangeline Lilly has no desire to star in a solo film about her Marvel character Wasp.

The actress plays Hope van Dyne, aka Wasp, alongside Paul Rudd in Ant-Man and the recent sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp, which received positive reviews from critics with both stars being praised for their performances.

Evangeline will reprise her role in the new Avengers film scheduled for release next year (19), but isn’t interested in giving the superhero a feature all of her own.

“I like the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) and I’d like to stay. But I actually don’t like the idea of a Wasp standalone film, because Ant-Man and Wasp, since the very beginning in the comic books, were always a team,” she explained at the recent Fan Expo Boston.

“And really, they’re kind of one of the only proper and true teams in the MCU, otherwise it’s mostly a lot of individuals. And I love the team aspect of it, I love watching the interplay between Wasp and Ant-Man and Ant-Man and the Wasp. For me it’s the most fun part of the film.”

Though she has no plans to go solo, Evangeline is willing to temporarily leave the super partnership on one condition.

“So I don’t love the idea of breaking them up – except if there was an all-female Avengers film. Then I’m in,” she smiled.

The 39-year-old also spilled that she tried to bag a role in another popular franchise: Star Wars. Upon learning that J.J. Abrams was directing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Evangeline approached the co-creator of Lost, the show which launched her career, looking for a part.

“I reached out to his producing partner, for the first time ever since Lost ended, I never requested anything ever before, and I said, ‘I wanna be Leia! Make me Leia!‘” she laughed.