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Even Stevens gave LaBeouf chance to reconcile with dad

The Transformers star’s dad, Jeffrey, frequently disappeared and spent years in and out of a hospital in Virginia as he battled a serious heroin problem.

LaBeouf admits his father’s absence had a profound affect on him as a child and he regularly took out his anger on a large, stuffed teddy bear – on the advice of a therapist.

He tells Details magazine, “I f**king hated him for it – choosing the hospital over me. I felt like s**t about myself. I was basically alone. That does something to you.”

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The actor began misbehaving at school and it wasn’t until he landed the breakthrough role on Even Stevens at the age of 14 that he found a way to keep his dad around.

Child labour laws in the U.S. require a parent or guardian to accompany them onset at all times – and LaBeouf decided to hire his own father for the job.

He says, “I basically rented my dad back. We developed a relationship based on this commerce.”

But the father-son relationship became strained after Jeffrey, who was still dealing drugs, was accused of sexually harassing one of the show’s actresses. He also attacked a gay Disney boss for hugging the teen.

LaBeouf recalls, “He goes, ‘Are you trying to talk to my boy, you chicken hawk?’ You can’t do that to the executives.”

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