Famke Janssen supports Sophie Turner’s ‘powerful’ Dark Phoenix movie

Dark Phoenix premiere

Famke Janssen has voiced her support for X-Men: Dark Phoenix despite being replaced by “younger model” Sophie Turner in the lead role.

The GoldenEye actress portrayed Jean Grey, a mutant with potentially limitless telekinetic and telepathic powers, in the original X-Men films from 2000 to 2006’s The Last Stand, in which the character absorbs a cosmic force and loses control of her abilities, becoming the Dark Phoenix.

That storyline has now been made into a standalone film, with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner returning as Grey in the lead role.

Janssen showed her support for the film at the movie’s Los Angeles premiere on Tuesday (June 3, 2019), despite previously slamming the filmmakers for replacing her with a “younger model”.

“I’m just happy that Dark Phoenix got her own movie because she deserves it. And it’s a really powerful and very important story in the comics, that in The Last Stand we just touched upon the tiniest part of,” she told Variety. “It was something that needed to be told as a full-blown film and now that’s happening. And it’s wonderful.”

The Dutch actress appears to have mellowed, after previously railing against the decision made to replace her.

“I didn’t give up, they gave up on me. There’s a big difference,” she told Us Weekly in 2017. “It was their decision, you know? It’s like what happens in life… just like men trade women in for a younger model version. It’s like that.”

But when asked at the premiere if she would consider returning to the franchise, Janssen, who had a cameo appearance in 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, responded coyly: “If someone asks me. I might consider it.”

The 54-year-old, who can be seen in Netflix series When They See Us, posed for photos with Turner and told the publication they had had a conversation before the 23-year-old took over the role for 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

“She did (reach out before initially taking the role) and she reached out again and she’s lovely,” she smiled.