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Fan hid in Anderson’s home for days

The Baywatch beauty became convinced she was going insane when she noticed bread missing from her kitchen and items of clothing vanished from her closet.

But after several days she discovered a female intruder hiding in her home – and the woman shocked the actress by slashing her wrists when police arrived to arrest her.

Anderson tells Britain’s OK! magazine, “One (fan) snuck into my house, sliced their wrists and… ate all my bread. It’s terrible but I’m serious! When the police took her, she was even wearing one of my Baywatch bathing suits. It was very scary, actually.

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“I was in my house with my children, alone, and this woman had gotten in and was there for a few days!… I kept noticing my bread going missing and that my jean jacket disappeared. But I was like: ‘I’m going crazy because I have two babies, I’m forgetting everything.’

“But this woman had been staying in the guest room for days. When the police came, she slit her wrists!… She didn’t die. She just got deported.”

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