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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. Bill Rancic, the first winner of Donald Trump‘s reality TV contest The Apprentice is set to wed TV presenter Giuliana DePandi in Italy next year. DePandi was formerly engaged to actor Jerry O’Connell.

2. Will Smith is riding his luck after finding that acting with his kids brings out the best in him–he’ll act alongside daughter Willow in his next movie. The actor earned his first Golden Globe Awards nomination for his new film The Pursuit of Happyness, which features his son Jaden.

3. Tori Spelling is keeping the reported $300,000 she made from her estate sale in Los Angeles last week and putting the cash towards her plans to open a guesthouse that will be featured on her new reality TV series.

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4. Cyclist Lance Armstrong‘s nickname for pal Matthew McConaughey is “the redneck Buddha.”

5. Rudy Youngblood, the star of Mel Gibson‘s new movie epic Apocalypto, is part-Cree and part-Comanche Native American.

6. Chris Rock and Eddie Murphy will play disgruntled workers who hatch a plot to rip off their employer in a new film project from producer Brian Glazer.

7. Movie and music mogul David Geffen has put in a bid to buy the Los Angeles Times for $2 billion.

8. Movie star Val Kilmer is adding to his resume of real-life film characters after signing on to play beloved writer Mark Twain in a new movie. Kilmer has portrayed Jim Morrison, porn star John Holmes and Doc Holliday on the big screen and he’s also reported to be playing rocker David Lee Roth in upcoming Motley Crue biopic The Dirt.

9. Deadwood star Timothy Olyphant has been confirmed as the villain in Bruce Willis‘ fourth Die Hard movie, Live Free or Die Hard. The action film, directed by Len Wiseman, will hit theaters next summer.

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10. Christmas came early for actor Jeffrey Tambor and his wife Kasia on Dec. 10–the couple became parents to baby girl Eve Julia.


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