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Fascinating Hollywood Facts

1. Eva Longoria‘s basketball star fiancée, Tony Parker, has teamed up with rapper Fabolous to record and album under the moniker Tony Pizzle. The French sports star’s debut will be called Top of the Game.

2. Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey owns the Porsche convertible Tom Cruise drove in 1986 movie hit Top Gun.

3. Hustle and Flow star Terrence Howard‘s first single will feature R&B star Chris Brown after the “Run It” singer asked if he could record a track over the tune after hearing it in the studio. The track will appear on Howard‘s debut album, Elephants with Guitars.

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4. New mother Marcia Cross will return to the set of Desperate Housewives to shoot the upcoming third season finale after giving birth to twins.

5. James Arnold Taylor, the actor behind the voice of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo in new movie TMNT also provides the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in cartoon series Star Wars: Clone Wars.

6. Spider-Man, The Hulk and the X-Men are set for a new home in Dubai as part of a $1 billion theme park. Marvel comics and the United Arab Emirates-based Al Ahili Group have joined forces to plan the park, which they hope to open in 2011.

7. Don Cheadle recently tore his Achilles heel in a basketball game with rappers Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube.

8. Former heavyweight boxer-turned-cooking guru George Foreman will be among the judges on the upcoming second season of reality TV contest American Inventor. Foreman is the brains behind the Foreman Grill. Music mogul Simon Cowell is an executive producer of the show.

9. Moviemaker Spike Lee believes his new Upper East Side home in New York is haunted by the ghost of a former owner, burlesque star Gypsy Rose Lee–who died in 1970.

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10. Ugly Betty star Ana Ortiz is to wed musician Noah Lebenzon in Puerto Rico in June.


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