‘Fast and Furious’ star Nathalie Emmanuel Works Hard to Banish Body Insecurities


Nathalie Emmanuel banishes any body doubts by consciously being positive about the way she looks.

While the Game of Thrones actress’ athletic figure is the envy of women around the world, British beauty Nathalie admits there have been times when she’s compared her body to others.

She’s found a way to deal with any body anxieties though; forcing herself to remain upbeat about the way she looks.

“There’s that thing where you just compare yourself to every advert or every poster and think, ‘Wait, is that how I should look?’ and I just didn’t look like that,” Nathalie confessed to British newspaper Evening Standard. “I’ve always had to be positive with my thoughts and be like, ‘You know what, how you are and what you are is fine. Even if you gained however much weight, you’re still fine’.

“I’m not saying that I’ve never had unhealthy or negative thoughts with regards to my body, of course I have, but you also have to be proactive with yourself mentally.”

Luckily the negative thoughts never “had a huge hold” on the star, and it’s been years since she last had body insecurities.

“There’s this real pressure and ideas that are put on women on how to be and how to look and how to act,” she added.

Nathalie will be back on the big screen later this month (Apr17), returning to her role in the Fast and Furious franchise with eighth installment The Fate of the Furious.

The 28-year-old has also recently posed for swimwear brand Speedo for its Make 1K Wet fitness campaign, which is encouraging more people to add swimming into their fitness routines.

“You don’t realize until you’re doing it how much of a full-body workout it is,” she said of swimming.

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