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Fergie putting love on hold as she balances family and work after marriage split

Pop star FERGIE is calling on her “guardian angels” to help her find true happiness again after her marriage split from Josh Duhamel.
The couple separated in February (17) after eight years of marriage, and the Black Eyed Peas star is still trying to perfect co-parenting her son Axl with her estranged husband as she tries to balance life as a working single mum.
“(We are) working really hard,” she tells In Touch. “It’s a continuous see-saw, and we are just really trying to make it happen.”
Fergie tells the outlet she still feels raw and “a little emotional” when talking about the end of her marriage, which came to light in September (17), while the singer was launching her comeback album, Double Dutchess.
“It’s a transitional time and there are real feelings there and they come up sometimes,” she tells the magazine.
But she is hoping that being honest about her pain will help someone who is also going through a tough split: “I’m a true believer in not holding your emotions in,” she adds. “Whatever it is – love, hurt, laughter. You have to get it out.
“If I can be an artist who helps a person get through a hard time, that would mean the world to me.”
Fergie, 42, isn’t interested in dating right now because she’s too focused on getting the balance right between her family and work, but she insists she is going to “go out and have a good time once in a while”.
And she hopes fate will steer her back into love.
“I call upon my guardian angels and my spirituality to help me find the right ways and the right choices to make with love,” she shares. “I’m learning to just work through these things.”

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