Firefighters Issue Warning as ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Hits Theaters

Firefighters in Britain have issued a warning amid fears the release of kinky new movie Fifty Shades Of Grey will lead to a rise in emergency calls as fans attempt to recreate the film’s racy scenes at home.

Fire chiefs in the U.K. have launched a campaign called Fifty Shades of Red in a bid to reduce the number of call-outs to those caught in compromising situations.

London Fire Brigade bosses fear the movie’s release will lead to a spike in calls, so they are urging film fans to be careful when using items such as handcuffs. The organisation’s Third Officer, Dave Brown, says, “The Fifty Shades effect seems to spike handcuff incidents so we hope film goers will use common sense and avoid leaving themselves red faced. I’d like to remind everyone that 999 is an emergency number and should only be used as such. If there’s a genuine emergency, fire crews will of course attend and will be on the scene to help within minutes.”

The film, starring Jamie Dornan as a bondage-obsessed businessman and Dakota Johnson as his young lover, hits cinemas this week (beg09Feb15).