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Firth has ‘a problem’ with the British monarchy

The actor is nominated for an Oscar for his portrayal of stuttering King George VI in acclaimed royal drama The King’s Speech, while he also won a Golden Globe award for the role earlier this month (Jan11).

Firth recently admitted he had little knowledge of the story of the troubled monarch before taking on the job, as he is “not a royal watcher” – and now he concedes the concept of the royal family makes him uncomfortable.

During in an interview on Piers Morgan Tonight, which is due to air in the U.S. on Friday (28Jan11) night, he jokes, “I think they seem very nice… I really like voting. It’s one of my favourite things.”

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And when Morgan asks, “So, an unelected institution isn’t really your cup of tea?” Firth replies, “It’s a problem for me, yeah… unelected bodies.”

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