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Firth thrills DeGeneres with Oscars visit

The actor appeared on the comedienne’s show last week (ends25Feb11) and promised to return if he won gold on Sunday (27Feb11) for The King’s Speech.

Firth couldn’t appear on the show because he had to dash back to England, so he decided to surprise Ellen on his way to the airport and thank her for the underwear gift she gave him the week before, and show off a pair he’d crafted for his award.

He said, “I just had to drop by and thank you for the underwear.”

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The thrilled TV personality was so delighted by surprise guest, she picked up a tannoy speaker and yelled out of her window, “I have Colin Firth here… in my office, everybody… He won an Oscar for The King’s Speech.”

Tourists travelling through the lot were also stunned to see Firth as DeGeneres escorted him out of her building.

He held up his Oscar and said, “Well, this is turning into an occasion!”

DeGeneres aired the footage later on her daily show.

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