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Florida Georgia Line star quits Instagram to improve quality of life

Florida Georgia Line star Tyler Hubbard and his wife have taken a social media break to enjoy a better connection.
The Cruise singer admits he was spending far too much time on Instagram and it was time to quit his Internet addiction.
“I was really spending a tonne of time on my phone…,” Tyler tells Access Hollywood Live. “I was like, ‘Look, there’s a lot more things that I should be doing than sitting here doing this right now.”
Hubbard admits he’s still “living vicariously” through his band’s Instagram account, but when he’s not at work he refuses to check social media.
“I’ll probably get (back) on eventually, but I’m enjoying it right now to be honest…,” he adds. “I’m much more productive… I think it’s great for a lot of reasons, but, for me, I just needed a little time off.”
And his wife Hayley is enjoying the social media break too: “We both did it… So now I know when she’s on the phone she’s doing something productive, and same with her.”

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