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Former guitarist of The Used suing band for unpaid proceeds

A founding member of The Used is suing the band for allegedly withholding proceeds from before his dismissal.
Quinn Allman, who set up the group in 2001 alongside bassist Jeph Howard, is seeking damages from his old bandmates, alleging that they owe him money from touring, merchandise and album sales.
According to The Salt Lake Tribune, he’s also claiming late and irregular royalty payments have damaged his finances.
The guitarist insists he was kicked out of The Used in 2015 rather than it being a mutual decision after he requested a personal break from touring following the death of his father-in-law and his mother being assaulted.
Now, two years on, Allman states in his lawsuit that the band, fronted by Bert McCracken, is still benefiting from his contribution without compensating him.
LaShel Shaw, an attorney with the firm Parr Brown Gee & Loveless, is representing the star and told The Salt Lake Tribune that Allman’s ability to move on and make a career for himself has been affected by the band withholding money.
“Quinn is a very talented musical artist, and just from looking at his resume, you can see he’s able to do really interesting things in the industry,” Shaw said. “This will finally free him up to pursue other ventures.”
Shaw noted Allman is seeking a “significant amount” without specifying a number, while the lawsuit states “no event less than $250,000 (£189,000).”
He further alleges he didn’t sign a termination agreement as it prevented him from being in control of his royalty payments.

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