Fran Drescher quits online dating

Veteran actress Fran Drescher has given up looking for love online because no one is their “authentic” selves in their dating profiles.
The Nanny star parted ways with her husband, Shiva Ayyadurai, in September, 2016 after two years of marriage, and she decided to give modern dating a go last year (17) by turning to mobile apps.
However, cancer-survivor Fran, 60, admits her Internet search for romance didn’t last long.
“I tried it and then I stopped it!,” she laughed on breakfast show Good Morning America. “It wasn’t right for me, I guess for a number of reasons.”
“First of all, nobody seems to be how they present themselves (in their profiles), and I have too many (deal breakers),” she said. “Don’t bother writing (to) me if… you’re a smoker, that’s a deal breaker, and then I’m very into organic and health, and if you’re not into that, then we might as well be from different planets! So that’s another thing, and being very authentic, so none of that seems to be prevalent (on dating websites).”
Fran was also stunned to discover the men on dating apps appear to lie about their ages, too.
“The other thing is everybody seems to be 48,” she remarked. “Even though I try to move things to say, OK, I would do in the 55 to 65 (age bracket). That’s the sweet spot I’m looking for. No one admits to being 55 to 65! Everyone is frigging (sic) 48!”
The chat then turned saucy after Good Morning America co-host and former American footballer Michael Strahan suggested the actress “come on down to 48”, prompting her to reply, “Is that what you are? I’m down with the brothers, baby!”
Ayyadurai was Fran’s second husband. She was also married to her producing partner Peter Marc Jacobson for 21 years until their divorce in 1999. He later revealed he is gay, but the former couple has remained close.