Francis Ford Coppola launching spirits collection to honour great women

Movie mogul and winemaker Francis Ford Coppola is paying tribute to the women in his life by releasing a limited edition of classically styled spirits.
The Great Women Spirits will be available later this month (Oct17) in select restaurants and retailers.
The first house-crafted spirits will include vodka, gin, and brandy, and there are plans to expand the collection in the near future.
Announcing the launch on Monday (02Oct17), The Godfather director says, “My mother, sister, wife, daughter, and granddaughters have all inspired me, as have all of the incredible women we celebrate with Great Women Spirits.
“We all know well the great men of history – Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon and so on. I can think of as many women who distinguished themselves at that level in the fields of politics, science, mathematics and philosophy, so my choices and reasons for this collection are very personal.”
His wife Eleanor Coppola, who recently made her first film, agrees, stating: “You know why we don’t hear about famous women in history? Because the history books were written by men.”
A press release reads: “The artisanal spirits are proofed with the pristine spring water of Coppola’s historic Inglenook property in Napa Valley, water naturally filtered through lava rock at the base of an ancient, now inactive volcano that adds character to each spirit. Additionally, a selection of botanicals and grapes from The Family Coppola’s properties enhance the distinctive flavor profiles.”
Cocktails featuring Great Women Spirits are available now at the Francis Ford Coppola Winery’s restaurant Rustic.
The Family Coppola will officially launch Great Women Spirits on Ada Lovelace Day at Cafe Zoetrope in San Francisco, California on 10 October (17).