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Franco learns survival skills and appreciation of friends from hero

Ralston spent 127 hours with his arm trapped behind a boulder after falling down a canyon crevice in 2003 and had to amputate the limb to escape.

Franco recreates the brave outdoorsman’s story of survival in harrowing new film 127 Hours, and he admits he’s learned a few expert hiking tips in the process.

The actor tells WENN, “If I hike I’ll be sure to tell people where I go. It’s given me an appreciation for my life and people in my life, certainly.

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“Aron asked me why I wanted to play this role. I love the way it strips down everything that is familiar in our day to day lives. That we can get food from a restaurant or a store, emotional independence and also the daily activities that keep us from looking at ourselves in a very intimate way; all of that is taken away and it’s a man alone facing death.

“I imagined in a real way to study what it is to be human, what’s important in our lives, and what really gives us strength. I also said to Aron, ‘I liked that you had the will inside you to get out,’ and he said one of the main things that gave him the strength to get out was his connection to the outside world and his friends and family.

“That gave him the strength to survive so it’s given me an appreciation for people in my life.”

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