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Franco pleased with arm amputation scene as film fans faint

The Spider-Man star plays real-life adventurer Aron Ralston, who had to cut off his arm with a penknife to free himself from a boulder after falling down a crevice on a hiking trip in Utah.

And he admits the pivotal scene in the new film could have been a bloodbath that led to theatres full of fainting fans had director Danny Boyle not been careful about what he shot and how much gore he showed.

Franco says, “Danny really had to balance that scene. You can go too far and just have it be gratuitous gore, and it’s almost like a horror movie.

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“Or you can cut away and make it maybe a little more watchable, but then that takes away from what Aron went through.”

Ralston himself is thrilled with the scene and the film on the whole, revealing, “Out of the six screenings I’ve personally been at, I think there’s been a total of, like, seven faintings.”

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