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Freida Pinto struggling with first production project

Indian actress Freida Pinto has struggled to establish herself as a female producer in Hollywood.
The Slumdog Millionaire star has been trying to get to grips with producing her first film project, which she is currently keeping under wraps, but it’s taken longer than expected – and she believes Hollywood’s diversity problem has definitely played a part in the delay.
“I’m three years into producing something, which I thought would go much faster,” she told Women’s Wear Daily, “but I realised, even before Patricia Arquette made her speech about equal pay (at the 2015 Oscars) and Jennifer Lawrence came out with her essay (about pay inequality), how difficult it is.”
It was this realisation which prompted the star to get serious and team up with fellow actresses Jessica Chastain and Queen Latifah, and director Catherine Hardwicke, among others, to launch the non-profit production firm We Do It Together, which is aimed at championing female empowerment in film and TV.
Meanwhile, Freida is also hoping to challenge herself onscreen with more varied roles after feeling like she had been pigeon-holed after starring in Danny Boyle’s rags-to-riches drama Slumdog Millionaire.
“As much as I loved the Slumdog experience, it kind of put me in a box of ‘the sunshine girl’,” she explained. “For me to play someone negative or in any way non-savoury is very hard for people to digest.”
“Stereotyping is one of the biggest problems we all have,” she continued. “You’ll see an actor play a certain role and then you see them play that role over and over again.”

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