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Friday: ‘Fashionably Late with Stacy London’

[IMG:L]Fashionably Late with Stacy London — 10/9c on TLC

TLC premieres its own version of the late-night talk show tonight, and with the writers strike currently limiting your options, you at least don’t have anything to lose–if you’re a girl, that is.

The network itself makes no secret of the fact that Fashionably Late is aimed toward the ladies (“A girls’ night out worth staying in for” is the slogan), who might just fall head-over-heels for this weekly show.

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Partly because the host is none other than What Not to Wear’s Stacy London, and partly because, if the debut episode is any indication, London rolls just about everything the modern woman would seem to want from a fashion-leaning talk show into her hour-long.

Included on tonight’s show: a pre-/post-makeover visit to a woman in the U.S. Coast Guard; a “Chic or Shred” segment, during which Stacy helps the audience members with their wardrobe quandaries; a sit-down with Ugly Betty star Rebecca Romijn; a trip to the Lancôme factory, where Stacy creates her own lip gloss; and a chat with L.A. Times writer David Keeps about the latest in home décor.

Indeed, quite the multitasker!


20/20 — 10/9c on ABC
We’ve all read the Guinness Book of World Records at some point and a few of us watched record-breaking attempts on Fox’s Guinness World Records Primetime from 1998-2001, but 20/20 finally gives us what we most want to see by simply spotlighting record holders–aka freaks of nature. Including: Leonid Stadnik, the 8′ 5″ Ukrainian who currently holds the title of World’s Tallest Man; a North Carolina woman with a 15-inch waist (corseted); a Utah woman whose fingernails measure nearly 25 feet in length; a Texas man who sat in a tub with 87 rattlesnakes; and Ashrita Furman of Queens, N.Y., whose numerous world records resulted from such stunts as somersaulting 12 miles and playing 434 games of hopscotch in 24 hours.

[IMG:R]Elf — 9/8c on USA
On the heels of Vince Vaughn’s nothin’-special Fred Claus comes Will Ferrell’s tutorial on how to properly kick off the cinematic holiday season early! True, it’s on USA, but unlike showing a bleeped-out Basic Instinct or Saving Private Ryan on network TV, Elf doesn’t have vulgarity to lose in the translation. So the commercials are the only nuisance.

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[IMG:L]Henry Rollins Show — 11:10/10:10c on IFC (R)
If you’ve been amused by Gene Simmons’ reality show on A&E, Gene Simmons Family Jewels, or enamored with his seminal band Kiss, be prepared to change your tune after this interview by Henry Rollins, which aired earlier this year. That’s all I’ll say. Oh, and Queens of the Stone Age perform.

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