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Friday: ‘Half Nelson’

[IMG:L]Half Nelson — 10:10/9:10c on Sundance

Here’s your chance to make amends for not seeing Half Nelson last year–when it needed you most!

See, had the movie earned some more dough, Ryan Gosling’s subtle performance might’ve had a fighting chance at the Best Actor Oscar when he went up against Forest Whitaker’s not-so-subtle powerhouse turn.

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As it stands, the perennial ‘It’ actor was nothing short of superb as crack-addicted teacher Dan Dunne in Ryan Fleck’s indie drama.

Of all Gosling’s “breakout” performances, Nelson was his biggest, and it afforded him the opportunity to take on the best roles Hollywood had to offer.

Case in point: playing a delusional quasi-doll fetishist in this year’s Lars and the Real Girl? He can thank Half Nelson for landing him that prime role.


[IMG:R]Smokin’ Aces — 10/9c on Cinemax
This year’s winner of the “On Second Thought…” award, Joe Carnahan’s ultraviolent actioner has amazing replay value and was bound to be undervalued by everyone, including yours truly. Almost every alpha-male Hollywood actor is in this movie and (spoiler alert!) most of the ones you hate are gone in 60 seconds anyway. Bonus: See the latest in-demand up-and-comer and the next Captain Kirk, Chris Pine, in action as a skinhead.

[IMG:L]The Wizard of Oz — 8/7c on TBS, TNT
On TBS and TNT…in case you get one but not the other?

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