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Friday: ‘My Night at the Grammys’

[IMG:L]My Night at the Grammys — 8/7c on CBS

The Grammys are still about two and a half months away (Feb. 10, 2008), and CBS is already touting them with this clips-heavy retrospective.

What is there, a writers strike or something?!

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In the network’s defense, nominations are announced next week, so My Night at the Grammys isn’t completely random in its timing.

CBS gets its listmania on tonight by counting down 25 of the telecast’s greatest moments, featuring performances by Bruce SpringsteenEric Clapton and Green Day as well as duets by Barbra Streisand and Neil Diamond, Prince and Beyonce, and Elton John and Eminem.

With so much time to fill (two hours), you can expect about as many commercials as the real night-of telecast. But still, it beats sitting there and YouTubing all of your favorite performances. Unless, of course, you’re only interested in the Elton John/Eminem duet.


[IMG:R]This Film Is Not Yet Rated — 10/9c on IFC
If Michael Moore hated the MPAA as much as U.S. healthcare or, say, all-things-and-persons Republican, This Film Is Not Yet Rated is what his documentary might’ve looked like. As it stands, filmmaker Kirby Dick fills in for Moore’s guerilla documentarian, attacking Jack Valenti (back when he was alive) et al. for a terrible, sometimes-arbitrary ratings system.

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