Gabrielle Union has a crush on socially-aware teen Zendaya


Gabrielle Union has confessed to having a girl crush on Zendaya.

The actress, who is married to basketball star Dwayne Wade, took to Instagram on Wednesday (21Jun17) to reveal she’s smitten with the young star, who will appear in the upcoming Spider-Man movie.

“When I met @Zendaya I was struck by her poise and that smile and her laugh,” Gabrielle gushed. “She is real. She is painfully polite. She is no pushover.

“She is clear on what she wants and does not suffer fools or wasted time. She is WOKE. She is a leader. She is compassionate. She is a triple threat. But I have to say it again, she’s real. No BS about her. Maybe it’s cuz she’s from the Bay, maybe it’s just who she is or maybe it’s her amazing parents…
“My #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) is a special woman. Let us lift her up.”

On the same day, Zendaya had more serious matters on her mind after watching newly-released video of Philando Castile’s handcuffed girlfriend Diamond Reynolds and her young daughter cowering from police officials minutes after he was shot dead during a traffic stop.

Retweeting the disturbing black and white footage, she wrote: “If you find this in any way acceptable… shame on you. I’m so disturbed and disgusted… Do you see that baby being escorted from the vehicle moments after??!! Does that image not haunt you? Murder is murder. That… was murder… NO JUSTICE. NO PEACE. #BLACKLIVESMATTER… #PhilandoCastile REST IN POWER.”

She later added: “We live in a country where black people can comply, do everything right and still be MURDERED over a brake light… in front of their child!!?”

Rosario Dawson and Megan Mullally are among the other outraged stars who have vented their frustrations on social media after the police officer who shot and killed Castile in July, 2016, was acquitted by a jury.

The sickening incident, which was streamed on Facebook by Castile’s girlfriend, sparked a series of violent clashes between police and protesters last summer – but even the footage wasn’t enough to convict Minnesota cop Jeronimo Yanez, who pulled the victim over for a broken taillight.

Castile told the officer he had a gun on him, which was not visible, and Yanez shot the driver five times, while his girlfriend and her four-year-old daughter watched.

“Horrifying. In tears,” Dawson tweeted. “I can’t even say be safe & ‘smart’ because #PhilandoCastile was & so many are & still this…”, while Will & Grace star Mullally raged: “I’M SO F**KING SICK OF THIS. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE? REALLY. F**K ANYONE INVOLVED IN THE ACQUITTAL OF THIS MURDERER.”

Yanez, 29, had been charged with one count of second-degree manslaughter and two counts of reckless discharge of a firearm for killing Castile, 32.

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