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Galliano avoids jail for racist rant

The fallen fashion king was arrested in February (11) over allegations he became embroiled in a bust-up at a venue in Paris, France, and had shouted insults at shocked customers.

He was subsequently sacked from his job as head designer at Christian Dior, and cops charged him with casting “public insults based on origin, religious affiliation, race or ethnicity”.

At a court hearing in Paris in June (11), Galliano apologised for his outburst, claiming he has no recollection of the incident as he was drunk and on medication at the time.

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On Thursday, he was found guilty of two counts of making racist insults and was fined a total of $8,428. The financial penalty was suspended by the judge, meaning Galliano will only have to pay it if he offends again. He was also ordered to pay the two victims of his abuse $1.40 (£0.87) each in symbolic damages.

Following the case, Galliano’s lawyer said, “The tribunal sentenced Mr Galliano. Mr Galliano has agreed to receive treatment. There will not be any fine to be paid. It’s a fair decision and a wise decision by the tribunal.

“Mr Galliano is relieved (it’s over) after several months. He wishes to apologise and he acknowledges that he caused harm. I think he’s relieved that all this is now behind him. He’s looking forward to (receiving) understanding and forgiveness, hopefully.”

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