Garber, Krakowski and Radnor unite for musical

Titanic star Garber, 30 Rock beauty Krakowski and How I Met Your Mother actor Radnor will perform the one-night-only benefit show at Roundabout’s Stephen Soundheim Theatre in New York on Monday (05Dec11) to raise money for the venue’s non-profit organisation.

Radnor tells Entertainment Weekly, “I worked with a vocal coach out in L.A. for a few weeks before I got to New York. My trick is the trick that everyone knows – work really hard and prepare. That way you have something to hold on to, you know, when you’re at the top of the rollercoaster going down on the night you perform.”

The funnyman can only hope his nerves don’t get the best of him and ruin all his preparation.

He adds, “Our musical director Paul Gemignani said to me the other day that there are only about six perfect musicals and this is one of them… If you slip up once you’re done for.”