George Clooney had eye-opening experiences on the road with famous aunt


George Clooney had quite the education driving for his late aunt Rosemary while she was performing as part of the 4 Girls 4 revue, because her sidekicks were bawdy “old broads”.

The movie star was hired by the beloved singer to keep the show on the road when she toured with silver screen stars and entertainers Helen O’Connell, Margaret Whiting, and Martha Raye, and George admits the job involved making the ladies’ pre-show cocktails and handing them to the stars just before they hit the stage.

Opening up about his experiences as a driver during an appearance on David Letterman’s monthly show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, George said, “They would fill glasses up of vodka, Smirnoff… while the overture is playing… and they’re going, ‘Ladies and gentleman, live from Harrah’s Las Vegas… Helen O’Connell…’ and I’d hand her a glass of Smirnoff…

“Driving them home to the hotels, I remember Martha Raye… was like, ‘Pull over, I gotta take a whizz…’ and she’d have, like, one leg out the car. My Aunt Rosemary said, ‘Don’t turn around, you’ll learn too much about the aging process, George‘.”