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George Clooney proud of wife Amal for taking on ISIS leaders

George Clooney is proud of the way his wife, human rights attorney Amal, is tackling ISIS terrorists, insisting her work is “very important”.
The Brit is fighting to bring leaders of the terror organisation to trial on behalf of Nadia Murad, who managed to escape life as a sex slave for the radical Islamic group.
Murad, whose mother and brothers were brutally killed when ISIS fighters invaded her village in Iraq in the summer of 2014, has been campaigning for justice for her Yazidi community, and on 16 September (16), she was named a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for her continued efforts.
And now Amal’s husband has spoken out about her actions, telling news show Extra he’s tremendously proud of all the good she is doing.
Stepping out with her at the Motion Picture and Television Fund’s 95th-anniversary celebration over the weekend (01Oct16), George gushed about his wife of two years, stating, “What she’s doing is something that’s very important to what she does for a living, and what she does in this case is protect a young girl and a group of people, the Yazidis, who actual genocide has been committed against.
“If you don’t take them (ISIS terrorists) to court, if you don’t hold them accountable, then what are you doing? You can’t kill them all. It’s gotta be where you stand at the end of all this.”
Amal recently told NBC News correspondent Cynthia McFadden she and George sat down and discussed her latest case before she took it on – because there are huge risks involved.
“We are aware of some of the risks involved, of course,” she said. “He met Nadia too and I think he was moved for the same reasons and he understood. I mean, this is my work.”
After McFadden noted how brave Amal was to take on ISIS leaders, she responded, “I don’t think anyone can feel that they’re being courageous compared to what Nadia is doing… They have sent her really specific threats, saying we will get you back.”

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