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George Clooney’s Batman flop cost Chris O’Donnell a Robin spin-off

As movie insiders discuss the merits of The Dark Knight Rises’ Robin, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, landing his own spin-off, O’Donnell has revealed he was briefly in talks to lead a series of films as the character after Batman & Robin.

The actor played Dick Grayson’s alter-ego opposite Clooney and Val Kilmer’s Batman/Bruce Wayne in the film and its 1995 predecessor Batman Forever, but the 1997 movie was such a flop producers opted to scrap the idea of a Robin project.

O’Donnell tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood Live, “They were gonna do one back in the day and then the second one (film) we did was such a bomb they were like, ‘Scrap that!’ That was the end of that.”

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But the actor kept his Robin uniform just in case.

He adds, “I still have it in my basement… I don’t break it out… It’s bolted in there.”

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