George Miller Thankful for Mel Gibson’s ‘Mad Max’ Support

Mel Gibson
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Mad Max director George Miller is grateful to his original star Mel Gibson for turning out to support the franchise’s new installment at the premiere in Los Angeles.

British actor Tom Hardy replaces Gibson in Mad Max: Fury Road, taking on the title role made famous by the Braveheart star in three previous films.

Fans were surprised to see Gibson walking the red carpet at the new movie’s unveiling in L.A. on 7 May (15), and Miller has now revealed how much the actor/director’s support meant to him.

Speaking ahead of the film’s debut at the Cannes Film Festival in France on Thursday (14May15), Miller tells the BBC, “Mel sat beside me at the premiere with Tom Hardy sat behind us and Mel is one of those people who can’t censor himself… I kept seeing him chuckle. He’s directing a movie in Australia now and would ask, ‘Oh who’s that actor?’ He really loved it and it meant a lot to me and he gave me a hug. He’s a great film-maker and I know he’s had awful problems but he’s a really good man struggling with his demons. I got his respect as a film-maker which was great.”

The festival opened on Wednesday (13May15) and runs until 24 May (15).