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George Miller seeking $7 million payment over Mad Max: Fury Road

Filmmaker George Miller is suing studio bosses at Warner Bros. in Australia over a $7 million (£5.3 million) bonus he alleges he is owed for Mad Max: Fury Road.
The director and his producing partner Doug Mitchell filed suit Down Under in September (17), claiming they were promised the extra funds if they managed to keep the final cost of the 2015 action film under $157 million (£119.7 million).
Warner Bros. officials argue the end product went over budget, but Miller insists that was only due to decisions studio chiefs made, which forced substantial changes and delays to the Mad Max sequel.
Miller tells the Sydney Morning Herald they had tried and failed to reach an agreement with film executives for over a year, but, “We were unable to reach a satisfactory resolution and have now had to resort to a lawsuit to sort things out.”
Responding to the lawsuit allegations, a representative for Warner Bros. responded, “We disagree and will vigorously defend against these claims.”
The case has only now hit headlines after Justice David Hammerschlag of the New South Wales Supreme Court dismissed Warner Bros. lawyers’ attempts to have the case moved to California so it can be handled in arbitration last Thursday (09Nov17).
Mad Max: Fury Road, which starred Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy, was a big hit critically and commercially, grossing $378.9 million (£289 million) worldwide.

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