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Gerard Butler injured on very first day of acting

Actor Gerard Butler thought he had lost his eye after a stunt went wrong during his very first acting job.
The Olympus Has Fallen star was struck in the eye by a wooden chisel while performing in a Shakespeare play, and he initially feared the injury could cost him his vision.
“First day ever as a professional actor, it was in theatre, I was actually doing Shakespeare and I was doing a play called Coriolanus and I had just talked my way into the role…” he recalled on U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly and Michael on Tuesday (01Mar16). “(The scene) was supposed to be these citizens in revolt… so (the director) puts us all together and we didn’t really need the chisels that we had, we had these wooden chisels that they were supposed to be using as weapons, but we didn’t know our lines.”
“It was very physical theatre,” he continued, “and it was like, 12 guys running and they turn and say the line… but we all have stakes in our hand… and the guy next to me (accidentally) hit me right in the eye. I thought I lost my eye and I had a black eye for at least two weeks…!”
Despite his injury, Butler has no problems performing his own stunts in action films like 300, Gods of Egypt, and the new Olympus Has Fallen sequel, London Has Fallen.

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