Gerard Butler once accidentally took too much sleep medication 


Gerard Butler once mistakenly took too much sleep medication prior to attending a wedding.

The Scottish actor made an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Thursday night (25Oct18) to promote his new action-thriller Hunter Killer.

But during the interview, the conversation turned towards how Gerard’s dialect coach is named Gerry Butler, and when host Seth pulled out a photo of the duo together at a wedding, the star explained how the snap was taken just a few hours after he had taken five Ambien pills.

“I was travelling at the time and when I travel, I get jetlag. I’m prone to take the occasional Ambien. I didn’t have any, I borrowed them from my manager. I also take these vitamin pills. And my girlfriend (Morgan Brown) put five Ambien in the vitamin bag,” he recalled. “And I was seeing my architect that day, before the wedding, and I get a sandwich from the deli and take my vitamin pills… I also took five Ambien! I didn’t know this. And I’m going through the plans, and I start swaying… And then I just face planted on the bed.”

Gerard went on to explain that Morgan left him to sleep for a couple of hours. But she had to wake him up so they could attend pal Gerry’s wedding – which Gerard thought was some kind of trick.

“They leave me in the bed, and I wake up three hours later and I go, ‘What’s going on?’ And she goes, ‘We’ve got to go to Gerry Butler’s wedding.’ And I’m like, ‘No, it’s not that easy… (I’m not falling for that),'” the 48-year-old laughed.