Gerard Butler Reassessed His Life in the Wake of Motorcycle Accident


Gerard Butler has gained a newfound perspective on life since his motorcycle accident last October (17).

The Scottish actor was rushed to hospital in Los Angeles after crashing his bike, and previously alleged that the incident was caused by a woman parked on the other side of the road who drove into him when making an illegal U-Turn.

While Gerard has recovered from the incident, the ordeal has convinced him to drive in a “safer” way.
“I thought this is it. I was going very fast so I knew I was going far when I crashed,” he recalled when he appeared on U.K. TV show Lorraine on Tuesday (30Jan18). “I was going through the air a certain way, and it seemed like a long time. I thought if I fall in the wrong way I’m a dead man, or I’m going to wake up paralyzed.”

The 300 star fractured his foot in five places but was lucky to escape the accident with no permanent damage, and in spite of his passion for motorcycles, Gerard went on to explain that the crash made him realize how precious life is.

“It makes you think, I need to think about other things,” the 48-year-old shared. “I want to not have the stress of waking up in the morning and thinking I have this coming up and that coming up. I want an adventure but in a safer way.”

The star is currently busy promoting his latest action movie Den of Thieves, in which he appears alongside rapper 50 Cent, real name Curtis Jackson, whom he now considers to be a close friend.

“I call him Fiddy or Curtis. He’s a tough dude, he plays the big man, but he’s actually very humble,” Gerard added.