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German actor Giering dead

The star was found dead at his apartment in Berlin, Germany on Wednesday (23Jun10). Police are investigating his cause of death.

Best known for his role as a courteous psychopath in Michael Haneke’s 1997 film Funny Games, Giering was often cited as an inspiration for wannabe performers.

He was well known in his homeland for small, supporting roles and his part as Chief Inspector Henry Weber in German crime series Der Kriminalist. Programme bosses have halted filming on the new season of the show.

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A statement from Odeon Film, the company behind Der Kriminalist, reads, “We are deeply moved by the much too early death of this young, talented actor. With Frank Giering we have lost a very treasured colleague who has in the past four years accompanied and enriched us.”

Giering openly spoke of his struggles with alcoholism and claimed his emotional issues stemmed from growing up in communist East Germany.

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