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Gina Rodriguez launches arts education foundation

Actress Gina Rodriguez is using her fame for good by launching a foundation aimed at empowering young women through arts education.
The Jane the Virgin star has established the We Will foundation, which focuses on providing funds for less fortunate aspiring artists.
“If art is to imitate real life, why not release art that is positive, empowering, uplifting and inclusive no matter race, gender, body type or economic background?” said Rodriguez in a statement announcing her new venture.
In recognition of her efforts, organisers at unite4:humanity honoured Rodriguez with the Young Humanitarian award at the charity’s benefit in Los Angeles on Saturday night (27Feb16).
Actor Wilmer Valderrama presented Rodriguez with the accolade, but instead of highlighting her own achievements, she gave an impassioned speech praising her hard-working parents for shaping her to become the person she is today.
“I can’t lie, among the many emotions of pride and honour and appreciation for this award, I also can’t help but feel like I shouldn’t be accepting this award alone,” Rodriguez said through her tears. “My parents taught me that being good was a standard that doesn’t need praise or recognition. That the more you help others succeed, you too will succeed. They’ve never been recognised for all the good they do. They taught me to share this with the world. Good is the food that I give my heart and I thank you mum and dad for teaching me that.”
The Golden Globe winner also admitted she’s purposefully using her popularity in Hollywood to make a difference in the world, adding, “What if we lived in a world where booking a show and getting a Golden Globe was just an excuse to do good for others? Confession – that’s the world I’m trying to create.
“A place where Oscar winners eradicate homelessness. A place where Grammy winners help provide and contribute to curing cancer. A place where we all leverage our social currency to do something that truly matters. Adopt children that need homes, finance tuition for kids that don’t have the money to go to college, the list goes on. It’s a world where the true award is giving.”

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