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Gina Rodriguez’s comedy face gets her out of traffic fines

The goofy face Jane The Virgin star Gina Rodriguez pulled for her driving license photo has helped her get out of so many traffic citations, because police officers can’t book her after she makes them chuckle.
The actress thought it would be a giggle to stick her tongue out and cross her eyes as she posed for the official snap on her license – and she admits the split-second decision has saved her a fortune in fines.
“They only let you have the one (picture), so when I turned 16 and I got my license I figured it would be really funny…,” she told U.S. chat show host Conan O’Brien. “It got me out of every ticket… I know that there are cops (watching this)… that literally pulled me over and they’d be like, ‘Oh my God, do the face! Is this you?’
“And then they’d be like, ‘Stop! Go, get outta here…’ I’d have, like, six friends in the car and they’d be like, ‘You know you need to have a seatbelt per person’, and I was like, ‘There’s my license…'”

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