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Ginnifer Goodwin is tripling up on nannies for new baby

Ginnifer Goodwin is planning on “staffing up like Downton Abbey” after she gives birth to her second child.
The Once Upon a Time actress is expecting her second son with husband Josh Dallas. When the couple welcomed son Oliver into the world in May 2014, they decided to try and cope without any extra help. This time around though, they have a different mentality.
“The first time we thought we needed to be heroes and do everything ourselves. We thought, ‘That’s too LA for us!’ so we went real hippy dippy,” Ginnifer explained during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday night (29Feb16). “And this time we are going at it like Downton Abbey style – staffing up. We’ll have like a nanny and an under nanny and an under under nanny…!”
Ginnifer added that she and Josh knew if they didn’t have their second child pretty soon after their first, they were unlikely to have more babies in the future.
“We figured if we didn’t do it back to back we probably wouldn’t go back in,” she laughed.
Ginnifer and Josh first met on the set for TV series Once Upon a Time, in which she plays Snow White and he stars as Prince Charming. It seems as though Josh’s dashing behaviour continues into real life as well, as the actress revealed her spouse actually delivered their son Oliver.
“Talk about doing it yourselves, we were really DIY about it – he delivered the baby!” Ginnifer said. “He worked it out with a legitimate physician that he would be at Cedars (Sinai, hospital) … I mean the hospital didn’t know, the doctor just stepped aside and was like, ‘And now Josh…’ I mean, most women don’t let their husbands south of the headboard, right?
“We didn’t even watch YouTube videos. The doctor was supervising, the doctor was in the room. He didn’t even make him wear gloves and he still makes babies with me… it’s a miracle!”

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