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Giovanna Fletcher credits post-baby bliss to placenta pills

Giovanna Fletcher has beaten the baby blues by eating her placenta.
The author and presenter recently welcomed her second son Buddy with her McBusted star husband Tom Fletcher. Being a mother of two is anything but easy, but Giovanna made the controversial decision to have tablets made from her placenta to help her cope in the wake of having another baby.
“It’s not as bad as it sounds. We had the placenta freeze-dried and it was capsules. I’ve been taking those,” Giovanna told the Press Association.
“We heard it helps with baby blues, milk productions and things like that. So I thought let’s give it a go. And I’m awake, I feel much better than I did last time.”
She isn’t the only famous face to admit to consuming her placenta as reality stars Kim and Kourtney Kardashian and January Jones have also previously revealed they would recommended it.
Giovanna has been named icelolly.com’s Celebrity Mum of the Year and while she is thrilled by the honour, she doesn’t think the knowledge of the prize will help in her most stressful times.
“I don’t think that’s going to help me at three o’clock in the morning when I’m having a meltdown,” she laughed. “I think it’s perfectly natural that every mum and dad go through periods where they question every single thing that they’re doing. The guilt that comes with it, I don’t think anyone can prepare you for.”
Giovanna recently hit headlines when she posted a picture of her post-baby body on her Instagram page, admitting she had been body shamed by a complete stranger who drew attention to her stomach just 11 days after she gave birth to baby Buddy.
Her post insisting she would forever be proud of her body for producing two little boys garnered thousands of likes, and Giovanna says she is determined to show the world a different side of new motherhood – the reality of it.
“It’s about going, ‘Actually my body’s done an amazing thing’ – and I agree, and we should embrace all the flaws that our bodies have – whether it’s post-baby or post-anything, our bodies tell the story of our lives and they should be celebrated…” she said. “I don’t like showing flaws, but I think it’s important to show flaws because I think it makes everything a bit more real.
“We’re shown Photoshopped, polished people all the time and I know how that affects me and I don’t think it’s always healthy or beneficial to new mums and dads to see that all the time.”

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